“The Left Side” Chris Sandoe

Rapper Chris Sandoe had his “The Left Side” Album Release party the past Friday Sept 16, 2016 at the Granite Creek Community Church in Montclair.  Special guest performances by Alecia Franco, Du2ce, Sunwhoa Love and Jay Rah.  They also had  Bravo from ENKCREW doing an art piece with rattle cans on stage.

It’s a beautiful thing to see all of these performers using there God given talent to honor the Lord.  We need to get music like this on the radio.  Living here in Socal i don’t know of any radio stations that play Christian R&B and Rap.  Seriously the beats and sounds are relevant to todays secular music, the only difference is the content.  These artist are speaking truth and positivity in their lyrics.  Well i guess until we do get a radio station to play this kind of music you’re gonna have to intentionally look for music like this online etc…  When you find an artist you like follow them and when they perform somewhere go and see them and better yet invite a friend or two.

I didn’t get a chance to listen to all the artist that night as i was manning the PB booth: however, i did get a chance to see #thebighomey Chris Sandoe and i listened to Jay Rah’s cd for the past couple days and i would definitely recommend you check them out..  I’m really feelin their music.

peace and blessings!!!

Brahdah Uni