got brahdahs?

James 5:16 So den, if you wen do someting bad, go tell each odda wat kine tings you wen do. Pray fo each odda, so dat you goin come good. Da guy dat get um right wit da Boss an do right, wen he pray, he get power an can do plenty.  from “da Jesus book”

So we all have friends at places we frequent on a normal basis like school, work, the gym, the beach etc…  The kind of friends that we have small talk with about how our weekend went, how our basketball team did or did not if you are a Laker fan, we have friends that will hoot you as your riding that wave.  You know da kine friends….

But how many of us have friends that you can share your drama with?  The kine of friends that will go through things with you, the brahdahs, i call them that will exhort you (strongly encourage or urge you to do something), brahdahs that you can confess your short comings to and will pray for you.

The verse above in James 5;16 says “Confess your faults to one another and pray one for another, that you may be healed”.  It doesn’t mean that your unconfessed sins to one another will not be forgiven.  It simply means as you confess sins to your brahdahs in the Lord, it’ll will promote prayer, it will help you with your pride and as a result it will produce praise as you realize how awesome God is.  Sin will loose it’s grip if you take seriously this command, this invitation to confess and pray for one another.  Get plugged in with some good brahdahs in the Lord.  Brahdahs